Danny Andress is an LA based pianist and composer whose music straddles the line between downtempo, IDM, and jazz. He was born into a family line of musicians, with his father, grandmother, great-grandfather all playing piano. From an early age he displayed a strong interest in music, first playing the drums and later approaching the piano. His grandmother encouraged him to study Debussy, Chopin, and Rachmaninoff, and his father helped guide his musical growth teaching him chordal harmony and how to play by ear. He started to listen to the music of Pat Metheny and Rush, and so began his obsession with harmony and rhythm. In middle school, he began memorizing a chord encyclopedia, which led to his earliest compositions. By the time he reached high school, his vocabulary was mature enough to land him a spot in the jazz band, where he started receiving awards for his playing. At age 17 he was a band leader running his first jazz quintet, and starting to take on gigs. A few years later, he was accepted into the University of California San Diego, and began to pursue a degree in music. He won music scholarships every year of his attendance. At age 19 he was approached by Latin-Grammy-nominated artist Luz Rios to become her keyboardist and go on tour. While in college, he started to explore electronic music and collaborate with other artists as an arranger or producer. Some of his notable teachers during this time include Kamau Kenyatta, Anthony Davis, Mark Dresser, Chinary Ung, Roger Reynolds and Lei Liang. In 2011 he was offered a fellowship to the University of California Irvine to pursue a Masters of Fine Arts in music, and to continue studying electronic music, composition, and improvisation under the tutelage of renowned pianist Kei Akagi (Miles Davis). After graduating, he began working as a freelance pianist, teacher, artist consultant, and music director. He was invited to join the band for Mexican Grammy-award-winning artist and celebrity, Ana Barbara, and performed with her for a few years, traveling to South American on a few occasions to perform. Once in LA, he found himself working extensively in a variety of capacities with different artists as a keyboardist or music director. He played with Zarah Mahler, Ray Goren, and Desi Valentine. He was a member of the band Thrillhaus, and a founding member of the trio Conxux and the duo Leaf Leaf. He continues to study piano from internationally renowned keyboardists including Vardan Ovsepian, Andre Sims, and Kiefer Shackelford. As an artist, he writes music that is keyboard driven, harmonically sophisticated, and borrows from jazz, classical, and electronica.