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Piano lessons are offered for ages 5 to adult, with a focus on developing good practice habits and instilling passion in students. Beginners and advanced students alike are welcome to study here, where I offer a supportive and calm learning environment.

Lessons take place at my apartment in Covina, in durations of 30 or 60 minutes, weekly. Curriculum is selected based on the student's goals and interests. The first 30-minute lesson is a free, no commitment trial. Students must demonstrate a wilingness to focus during lessons and practice at home. Pending instructor approval, students' are invited to two annual piano recitals. Tuition is paid in advance, due on the first lesson of the month, for all scheduled lessons that month.




Acceptable forms of payment: cash, check, venmo, paypal

1375 W. San Bernardino Rd., Apt. 243
Covina CA 91722

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- Danny -

My name is Daniel Andress Sanchez , but I also go by Danny Andress. I'm a pianist, composer, and educator. I've been teaching piano lessons since I was a teenager, and its now my full-time occupation. I began learning piano as a child; my father, grandmother, and great-grandfather all being piano players. I studied music at the University of California, San Diego, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Music in 2011, and continued on with a fellowship to the University of California, Irvine, earning a Master of Fine Arts in Music in 2013. Today, in addition to teaching, I work as a freelance musician, music director, and producer. I've been passionate about making music my entire life, and I love sharing my passion with those I teach.


Let me start by saying Danny is my piano hero. His musical talent is impeccable. His love for music shows through his teaching, his guidance, and his professionalism. My daughter and I have been piano students with Danny for almost 3 1/2 years and we have truly enjoyed every moment of our lessons. He is very encouraging with difficult piano pieces, while taking his time helping you learn without you feeling pressured or unmotivated. Although he keeps you accountable with your personal daily piano practices, he is still lenient with his teachings. He too is an exceptional pianist (and will play along with you). I am delighted that he is flexible and accommodating when schedules change from our normal routines. Make up sessions are easy to reschedule. By far, this has been the best piano lesson experience we have had. We've had 3 instructors but Danny has been the best thus far. He'll even play a jazz piece for you if there is time. Never a rushed lesson. Nice and smooth.

Shawny L.

When my wife and I were looking for a beginning piano teacher for our three children (ages 9, 8, and 6), several of our friends recommended Danny. We're so grateful for their advice and for Danny's patience and expertise. Danny has been coming to our house for just over a year now, providing three thirty-minute lessons per week, and over that time, the kids' skills and love of music have truly blossomed. We love that he allows our kids to develop at their own pace and that he helps them select (and even compose!) their own songs. Last spring, Danny invited them to perform in a recital along with their friends and some of his other students--it was a well-organized and memorable event. Danny is a true professional: knowledgeable, organized, punctual, flexible, articulate, and excellent at keeping kids focused and engaged. More than that, he's a talented musician (the whole family attended one of his shows) and just a really nice guy. If you've been searching for the perfect piano teacher, your search is over. Congratulations on finding Danny.

Deckard H.

My 8 year old son has been taking Piano lessons for 4 years now. When we moved from our last home we were on a quest to find the perfect instructor. As a musician myself I wanted to find someone who could both teach music theory and teach him to play by ear. My son loves classic soul music and pop... Danny is a phenomenal jazz pianist. The two make a great combination because my son is learning these beautiful chords to go along with his favorite songs. He also teaches from the traditional music books you see in most piano studios so every week we build a solid foundation.Prices are reasonable. Wifi is free (so you can work while your child studies). Most of all Danny is great with my son. They talk about pokemon and other shows my son likes. The class atmosphere is never rigid or boring. I Highly recommend Andress Piano Studio. If you're an adult wanting to improve your skills then Danny is a no brainer. He is truly a student of the art and he knows his stuff inside out.

Macho O.

We feel so fortunate to have found Danny for our son, because he is just such a patient and enthusiastic instructor, and a truly talented pianist himself. First of all, we love that he teaches our son how to play by ear, along with teaching him solid music theory, running scales, etc. We love and appreciate Danny's jazz background - he's got a great vibe, great soul when he plays, and his love for music is well received by my son, who loves soul music. There's nothing dry about Danny - he makes learning piano fun and engaging for my son. I highly recommend Danny amidst the plethora of piano instructors out there - for your child, or even for yourself. Danny has a diverse ear and his love for music, and for teaching, spans all genres.

Jamie C.

I cannot speak highly enough about Danny and his professionalism and enthusiasm when teaching both of my boys! They have learned a great deal from him and are excited about learning the piano from him! Danny is patient and can relate to them. He has great strategies that he's used to help the boys learn. We have had several piano teachers and none compare to Danny! Thank you Danny for all you do to help others learn and grow in their musical endeavors.

Alison F.

Danny is an incredible piano teacher. He is kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable and talented. He is really good at keeping our son interested and allows him to choose some of the songs he would like to learn. Our son is 9 years old and Danny has worked with him 1x /week for almost 2 years and he still looks forward to each weekly lesson with Danny.

Katy B.

I feel that Danny is by far one of the greatest Piano Teachers out there. I currently have been learning from him for almost 2 years already, and he has taught me a lot of things from the piano, learning how to go to college, write music, etc. We always keep progressing and advancing in music. Our music lessons never get boring, we always go over hand exercises, music, and talking about what happened in our week. For the first time I had meet up I instantly knew he was a great teacher. From his aura, how kind he is, and the things we went over in our first lesson. I previously had another piano teacher before him, and she is nowhere close to Danny. From what I learned with her in a month I learned it with Danny in a hour. Like Scales, circle of fifths, jingle bells, and starting a easy Chopin piece all in a hour. What I like most about Danny is that he always pushes you to achieve more, like after 6 months of lessons with him I had learned Arabesque by Debussy(not an easy piece for beginners). Then pushed me to join a recital to play that song in front of 60+ people. And helping me write 2 piano solos for high school jazz that ended up getting 2 solo awards. To be honest, I'm really grateful to have Danny as my teacher. He not only teacher but a close friend now. If not for him and music I wouldn't be applying to USC school of Music in 2 years for a music degree. Danny is a great and life changing teacher.

Jorge J.

You have found your new music instructor. Danny's expertise, patience and thoughtfulness stands above the rest. I gave him a call looking to try playing the piano for the first time (at age 25) and was greeted by a welcoming voice open to giving me a free trial to test the waters. He worked around my schedule to find a time that worked for me then when the day finally came for us to meet, I signed up for more the day of. It was clear to me that Danny loves what he does and he is great at it - a true music guru. Fast forward some months and I still find myself wishing we had more than just the allotted hour every time we meet. Fortunately, Danny's patience shines through here and lets our sessions extend a bit to continue our discussions and practice. This is to say I do not feel rushed and if we are on the verge of a breakthrough (for me) he is open to sharing his time. What stood out to me about his methods is his willingness to dig into my purpose/intent and tailoring our agenda to take us down the appropriate path to get there - improv/jazz/blues. Every session is something new learned and feels intentional to help the progression stay on track towards our goals. I have also seen him work with kids on other genres including classical and they are doing great from what I can see. This is it. Give him a call and give that free trial a try to see for yourself what it could be like to grow with your new music mentor. Side note: I have read through other reviews here and they are spot on with their 5 stars.

Vincent N.

As a professional drummer myself learning piano is something that I've always wanted to do but I've also been very afraid of. I went to music school and know some theory and ear training but even then sometimes it was difficult for me to understand what I was doing on a piano. I had one lesson with Danny and he was able to explain things that I've already known in the most simplest way and helped me understand them from a different perspective. My goal for the piano was never to become a professional pianist, but to learn chords to be able to write music and do some producing. Danny was able to give me the fundamentals that I needed to go ahead and figure out the rest on my own. That to me is worth more than gold. So whether you're a beginner, have been playing for a couple years, or are already a professional musician, I truly believe that Danny has the tools and skills necessary to take your playing to the next level. If that's not enough, he's nice and likes a lot of the same things I do and has become an amazing friend as well. I feel lucky to have met Danny and look forward to seeing what his career holds for him.

David D.

I've been a songwriter for about a year and a half and was feeling stuck in my piano skills so I reached out to Danny. I asked him to give me some lessons that could help me feel more confident on the keyboard and I've been taking lessons for a few months now. 100% glad I went to him for guidance. Danny could easily help me work toward my goals with his knowledge of contemporary composition and efficient teaching style. He had me drilling in no time! I had been wondering if my skills were limiting my own songwriting and after a few lessons with Danny I no longer was afraid. He's an excellent and patient teacher and is able to decipher the needs of his students quickly. I highly recommend him!

Mikey W.

Danny has been teaching my boys piano for a while. They have thrived under his tutelage. They were with a previous piano teacher who was very good but was killing their love of music. Danny comes to our home, is a patient teacher and is fun. He teaches the boys both how to read music and play by ear. He has helped restore their love of music. He is flexible with our schedule when we need it. I couldn't be happier with him as a teacher.

Jackie L.

I've known Danny for several years, and as a musician and keyboard player myself, have always admired his abilities and talent. He is truly a tremendous musician, and has such passion for what he does! Danny is a great person, and an amazing teacher. I'd recommend him to players on any level, beginner to advanced.

Jonah M.

Daniel is a great piano teacher and we feel so fortunate to have met him. His kind and patient nature keeps my son engaged and focused on his piano lesson. My son has been receiving lessons from him for 4 years now and is still motivated to learn. He is able to adjust his lessons accordingly so he doesn't get bored, and will incorporate popular music choices into his lessons to keep him engaged. His lessons are never rushed, and he truly takes time and effort in making sure my son is understanding. You can feel the sincere desire for him to educate and instill his musical passion, what a blessing! I love how he changes it up and will even teach my son to work on musical compositions. Because of this, I feel confident in starting my 3.5 year old next month. I know it's early, but he shows an interest and with Daniel's talent, I know I won't be disappointed! An added bonus is when Daniel plays and introduces a new piece to my son, WOW pure talent at its best! Keep up the great job Daniel, and thank you for all that you do!

Abby J.

I'm really grateful to have found this guy. He's very professional and he helps a lot. He always asks me, "What do you want to work on?" I say, "Debussy, Bach, technique, my compositions, and etc." He will always help you the best way he can and he also gives you a lot of stuff to practice... which I like. You should totally take lessons with this guy if you want to be a pro piano player.

Rachel M.

Danny is an excellent piano teacher for my sons, ages 13 and 10. My sons have been playing piano for 7 and 4 years, respectively, and they have been taking lessons with Danny for 6 months now. Danny is a steady balance of instruction and guidance. He instructs clearly and patiently on how best to learn a piece as well as guide on how to create a piece. My boys respect and like Danny and have continued to progress with a lot of enjoyment.

Nicole C.

Danny is my best piano teacher I've ever met. He patiently teaches old folks like me, and is very understanding. He makes any piece of music possible for me to learn.

Ye-Won L.

Excellent pianist, arranger, composer and music teacher. It's always a pleasure working with Danny Andress. He is truly an extremely talent individual as well as one amazing musician and live performer!

Michael S.


Children's Music

Fawn's Dream
Finding Austin
Shepherd & Fox
The Snowy Owl
Tea & Frog
Window Rain

Recommended Repertoire

C. P. E. Bach
Solfeggietto, C minor

J. S. Bach
Invention No. 4, D minor
Invention No. 8, F major
Invention No. 13, A minor
Invention No. 15, B minor
Little Prelude, C major, BWV 924
Minuet, D minor
Prelude and Fugue, C minor

Ludwig van Beethoven
Fur Elise
Moonlight Sonata, Op. 27 No. 2
Sonata Pathetique, Op. 13 No. 8

Howard Blake
Walking In The Air

John Cage
In A Landscape

Frederic Chopin
Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2
Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2 (easy)
Nocturne Op. 55
Prelude, E minor, Op. 28 No. 4
Waltz, C# minor

Claude Debussy
Clair de Lune
Suite Bergamasque

Ludovico Einaudi

Sergei Rachmaninoff
Prelude C# minor
Prelude C# minor (w/ text)

Maurice Ravel
Concerto in G major, 2nd movement

Erik Satie

Robert Schumann
Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15

Yann Tiersen
Comptine d'aun autre été - l'après-midi

Nobuo Uematsu
To Zanarkand


Circle of Fifths
Codex of Harmony


In Search Of Home
Lament for the Earth
Of A Memory
Piano Etude No. 1
Piano Etude No. 2
Requiem for Sonia